Looking to re-print a certificate?   
Just log into your account, click "My Profile" and then the link in the gray bar for CEU Manager.  This page will display all courses completed in your current recertification period (determined by the expiration date you enter into your profile).  Older certificates are available by clicking the link on that page to view old exams.

Having an issue opening an exam?

There are two common reasons why users cannot access an exam.
1.   The exam opens in a new window and sometimes it opens behind the lecture page.  Minimize the lecture screen (do not close it!) and see if the exam is there.
2.   Exams are not available until 40 or 90 minutes after you first start to review the lecture! This was implemented at the request of national and state approving entities due to users going directly to the exam without reading the lectures.  Exams remain "available" for up to one week.

What should I do if my session times out?
Our system will time out after 24 hours, however sometimes internet provides time out secure connections before that.  If you see a "session disconnect" message just log out of the site (or close the browser) and then log back in.  If you were reading the lecture just use the "Next" button to advance to the slide you were on. If you were taking an exam don't worry!  The questions you answered will be saved when you re-load that exam.

How do I pause the audio on the presentation (where available)?
There is an audio player centered directly under the slide on each page.  There are menu controls that will allow you to pause, play, stop the audio on a slide by slide basis.