The following information has been put together to assist NJ EMT Basics during the recertification process. Most importantly, your NJ transcript will NOT show any courses completed online, from any website. OEMS is only able to update transcripts mannually and do not have the time or staff to complete this! With the self-reporting system all you need to do is complete the requirements and attest to this via the NJ website to request to recertify. See below for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is NJ OEMS notified when I complete courses?

Q: Are all courses pre-approved by NJ OEMS?

Q: How long do I have to finish my required credits?

Q: How do I reprint my certificates?



How are my credits reported to NJ OEMS?

Course completions are no longer sumbitted to OEMS electronically due to the volume of credit hours issues and the fact that OEMS can only manually enter completions into the OEMS system. There is no mechanism for you to enter classes manuall on the NJ system. As long as you are able to verify that you have completed the recertification requirements (through approved providers, such as you may complete their recertification application at Should a provider be audited, they will be required to provide us with the proo of completion (such as copies of certificates)f. The classes do not need to appear on their transcripts to receive credit.back to top>>


What courses can I take? Are all MedicEd classes pre-approved?

No! There is a specific section for courses which have been pre-approved for NJ EMT Basics. Look for the red box on the Online Courses page. ONLY courses completed in this section will be accepted by NJ OEMS for elective credit hours. These courses are 1 and 2 credit hours.  The exams associated to the one credit course are available 40 minutes after the lecture is started and remain available for one week.  The two credit hour course exam is available 90 minutes after the start of the lecture.back to top>>


When do I need to complete my credit requirements if my certification expires on 6/30/2019?

Approved courses may be completed until midnight on 6/30/2019 but we do not recommend waiting until last minute! The exam must be completed with a score of 70% or better by 11:59PM EST to be accepted. Please note that in the event you have an issue logging in, completing or passing the exam, OEMS will NOT give extensions. We willl make every effort to be available to answer questions on weekends and holidays but are not staffed 24/7. Please plan accordingly! back to top>>



How do I reprint my certificates?

Certificates are ALWAYS available, even after you have recertified. To access, simply log into your account and then click "My Profile". On this page, look for the link in the grey bar for CEU Manager. This page will list all courses you have completed during your current recertification, along with a link to each certificate. If you need to access certificates earned during a prior period, look for the link to the right side to "View Old Certificates". Archived course completions are available on that page! back to top>>